Dear IAS Members,


I hope this update finds you all well and that you are coping with this terrible situation of Coronavirus.  Although we have been unable to meet, the Board has been working on arrangements for next year when we will hopefully have all these difficult days behind us and be able to get back to being together and having fun. 


Thanks to the spirit and generosity of our members, we are planning many great events for next year.  We are currently working on the Welcome Back event, Christmas and Winter Ball Dinner Dances, Bocce, and most of the same events that we had last year.  All meetings and events that are held at Mackle Park have been scheduled.  I will be sending out a tentative calendar of events in the near future and will keep you updated with information and developments.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 


As we go through this Holy Week leading to Easter Sunday, let us all pray together for God to bless us, our families and friends, the IAS, our great country, and the world with a good recovery, good health, strength and peace.  I wish you all a Blessed Easter.



Barbara DeRosa